Joining Catholic Dads

Quick Answer

Click here to go to our registration page.

Detailed Answer

Everyone is welcome to participate in discussions at Catholic Dads – members and non-members, dads and non-dads alike (see our comment policy). The information below is on becoming a member. To become a member, a person should:

  • Be a faithful Catholic (or in the process of becoming Catholic)
  • Be a Dad (or an expectant dad)
  • Have an active email and complete the registration process.

Membership levels

There are threebasic levels for blog membership.

  • Associate are those who are associated with the blog. Anyone with a valid email can become a subscriber.
  • Member are those who have completed the registration process, including the bio and can submit articles for publication.
  • Authors are those who write regularly articles. These individuals have made a commitment to the mission of Catholic Dads and actively contribute to it.


1. Register. Anyone is free to register at our registration page. This requires a valid email. At this point, you are an “associate” of the site.

2.Complete registration information and bio. To complete the registration, login to the site and complete the information. Once you login you can change your password, and enter information about yourself. Please, be sure to include information in the bio section about being a Catholic dad (number of kids, love the Church, etc.). The first part of my own bio can serve as an example.

EXAMPLE: Gen Xer who has grown up (mostly). I earned a PhD in Psychology, and work in marketing research, but my Catholic faith and my family are most important to me. I live with my wife and four kids in Southern California.

Completing this information is required before your status can move from “Associate” to “Member”. If you do not complete this information, we may delete your information and status entirely at our discretion.

3. (optional) Becoming a contributor.To become a contributor to Catholic Dads, you need to be a member. Then simply submit an article via the site admin page (you can get to it by clicking here). Your article will be reviewed and scheduled for posting. Click here for more information on our posting policy.)

If you are a non-member and would  like to post articles, send them to and I will post them if appropriate.

4. Submit your blog if you have one. If you have a blog and would like to promote it, be sure to have it included in our blog roll and combined Catholic Dads RSS feed. Space for your website URL and RSS feed are included on the registration page for Catholic Dads or can be found on your user page in the admin section of the website.

To be included in Catholic Dad a blog must be:

  • An active blog (most recent post less than three months old)
  • Relevant to Catholicism and/or fatherhood/family life
  • Loyal to the magisterium of the Church

We ask those seeking to be part of the blogroll to include a reference to Catholic Dads on their site. Showing the blogroll, chicklet, a plain link, or some combination of these works. Showing the blogroll helps with the visibility of fellow Catholic Dads.  Code for the blogroll or the chicklet as well as the Catholic Dads blog feed can be found by clicking here.

If you are having difficulty getting added, please contact