Every now and again you come across something so awesome you just can’t stop talking about it. The Decision Point bible study is just such a thing. A friend is working through this study and brought it to my attention, I am very thankful for coming across his posting about it. Now this is not a formal review this is an extended shout out, an overview of the program. It is from The Dynamic Catholic Website and it is amazing. It is also offered completely for free, both the workbook and the leaders guide. You can do the entire program online or can pay for shipping and get it delivered directly to you. It also has an awesome iOS and Android app that has the entire program.

Decision Point Program:
12 Lessons
Leaders Guide
Student Workbook
72 Short video’s 6 per lesson

12 Lessons:
Life is Choices
What’s Holding You Back?
The Jesus Question
The Bible
The Eucharist
Holy Spirit
The Church
Made for Mission
Holiness is Possible

Each lesson is broken into 6 videos, an intro, 4 segments and a final decision point. The videos are incredible quality and Matthew Kelly is a powerful speaker. I have only done the first two but they have blown me away completely. This study was created as a confirmation class but to be honest it will be great for any Catholic and from what I have seen so far any Christian! I will post a complete review after finishing but this was so great I had to start sharing now.Go watch the into video and I know you will be hooked.









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