I wrote last week about my spiritual “rut” I was finding myself in. I committed to re-commit but was still feeling that emptiness inside of me. I went to confession on Saturday and the attending priest brought up a great point. In those times of emptiness and unfulfilled feelings, you have to realize that you are actually making progress. He likened it to learning to ride a bike. You are so focused on the pedals, steering, managing the brakes, etc. that before you realize it, you have traveled a much greater distance than you thought. Having the right perspective in looking for God’s grace is crucial. Sometimes you have to readjust your focus. I experienced this shortly after leaving the confessional. I was still trying to shake that feeling and prayed for God to enter my heart and “fix” me. When I got home, my wife showed me a pregnancy test. Our second child is on the way!

I was in a rough spot in my life and needed help. God took that as an opportunity to show me His love. I was so focused on the pedals that I wasn’t seeing what was going on around me. God’s love was there the whole time, I was just looking in the wrong place. God opened my eyes (be it dramatically) that He does love me. I just need to know where to look. It is still very early in the pregnancy so we do not know how God’s plan will play out but I am thankful for everything in my life. Perspective is key to happiness!

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