Someone left fliers in the vestibule of my parish that warned against “New Age Rosaries.”


These rosaries have appeared on sale at pilgrimage centres across Europe and are in most cases are given away for FREE. They are made from cheap plastic and come in white, blue or pink, stamped as having been made in Italy, yet no one knows who has produced them. Since they are available at places of pilgrimage this makes people automatically think they are fine to use. Information regarding the danger of these rosaries was given at the Marian Cenacle in Limoges, France on 14th March 2005.

Why are they considered New Age?

They are considered New Age due to their symbolism which is not too easy to see except by close inspection of the crucifix, which shows a very sinister story. Behind the figure of Christ there can be seen a caduceus, which is an upright pole, representing mediation between Heaven and earth. It is an ancient herald’s wand which was carried by messenger gods like Hermes or Mercury. The rod is also a divining rod to measure the earth and it’s energies of power. The serpent Satan is shown behind the figure of Christ and is depicted by a coiled serpent which means latant power, concealed but not yet fully manifest, a dormant power. It may also represent to Satanists that the devil is co messianic, co redeemer and co christ etc. The circles on the crucifix are from Egyptian Graeco-Roman, Phoencian, Baal symbols called the Pentagram, which is a major occult sign. The circles or pentagrams have five points, which represent, spirit, fire, earth, water and air. The pentagram at the bottom is upside down represents the devils goat. The four circles with dots in the centre signifies gold or the sun in alchemy. In general the meaning is “The resolution of all possibilites.”

Christ does not share any platform with any other god, philosophy or belief system or minor diety least of all Satan. The depiction of Christ on the cross is the most prominent place of worship, adoration, veneration, glorification, for catholics and many other christians and now satanists or ‘new agers,’ have placed Satan along side Christ. Some have even said that if these rosaries are blessed, they loose any negative power, however this cannot be assured, for it cannot be known what curse, spell or hex has been placed on these rosaries, and anyway does anyone really want to pray on a rosary that depicts Satan?

What do I do if I am given one of these rosaries?

If you are offered or given one of these rosaries break it and throw it away that way it will loose its power when incomplete. There are a small minority of UK suppliers who have bought some of these rosaries and are trying to push people to buy them, I assume they do not completely understand the seriousness of this symbolism. Also tell your friends about these rosaries so they are aware of its dangers.

Why has this happened?

Over the years especially through the last century Our Lady has been firm and very explicit regarding the power of the Holy Rosary being the weapon against Satan, therefore would it not be fair to say that the New Age rosary, is a sign that dark powers are trying to undermine her crusade!

Has anyone else heard about this? Is this on the level? I checked all the plastic rosaries in my house (including the one my altar boy son had blessed by Cardinal Arinze) and they all look very conventional. Has anyone actually seen these pagan symbolized rosaries?

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  1. Catholic Young Adult says:

    I have been trying to get to the bottom of this but I see very few websites that mention anything about a New Age Rosary, and none of them seem very convincing.

    I would be horrified if the 10 rosaries we found last night at my home matching this description had anything to do with New Age, but we shouldn't be rash.

    Although you can see something entwined around the main post of the cross, it's difficult to see any kind of "snake-head." I only see side-ways strips of "ribbon." No eyes, no tongue, nothing. I always just thought it was part of the design, the wood of the Cross, or a ribbon, banner, anything. And the line down the middle – a caduceus?? Maybe, but certainly not conclusive.

    I have a Rosary very close to this from my Elementary School years in the early 1990s. That means this design is NOT NEW. The only difference is that instead of suns around the four points of the Cross, there are four heads that could be interpreted as devil heads (with horns) or angels (with wings).

    It's just not clear enough to tell for sure. We need to be very cautious of letting our imaginations run away with us while still seriously considering our next step in such a grave matter. Hysteria is not becoming of a Catholic. But prudence is.

  2. Rob Kaiser says:

    Catholic Young Adult,

    When we moved the site over to WordPress, the comments on this post got lost. Let me summarize, though.

    1. It would be foolish of New Agers, the devil, or whoever is hostile to the faith to give rosaries so that we might pray.

    2. Prayer is prayer, and God is not going to worry about the plastic beads.

    3. We shouldn't worry too much about this.

    Personally, I think that worry over looks a bit like scrupulosity.

  3. Catholic Young Adult says:

    Scrupulous perhaps, but better to be safe than sorry. Just want to be sure that we're not using something we shouldn't. We can COUNT the number of Hail Marys we pray using anything, including tarot cards but we wouldn't. That's why the Blessed Mother gave us the Rosary. It would help if we know who was manufacturing these. From what I've been able to find, there are at least 3 different designs using the apparent snake reference but it doesn't help with whether or not this is a legitimate concern…

  4. semperjase says:

    Catholic Young Adult,

    I looked into this issue when the post was made and there is no evidence that someone or some organization is distributing fake rosaries. Another commenter on the original post pointed out the errors of the pamphlet in interpreting the symbols on the rosary. The symbols were not what the pamphlet claimed.

    Please consider that "better safe than sorry" is not better. Alarmism leads us to act out of fear and ignorance. I'll re-post my comments from the original discussion when we were hosted on Blogspot:

    While I think that the person who left the warning had good intention, I think it is a case of ignorance and alarmism. Sadly, I've come across many similar cases in my evangelical background where people misinterpret symbols and leap to the conclusion that the object in question is satanic.

    I think that the previous comments have it right about the symbolism.

    Some comments in the warning concern me. "Breaking the power" of the supposedly new age rosary is placing too much faith in the objects. The rosary is not powerful because of the crucifix, beads, and cord. It is powerful because of the prayer. As a sacramental object, the rosary itself is an aid that (as the Catechism says) "prepares men to receive the fruit of the Sacraments and sanctify different circumstances of life," or (as the Catholic Encyclopedia says) "arouses the piety of the faithful." Keep in mind, prayer is a sacramental. Whether or not your rosary is one of these, the prayers of the rosary are what is efficacious. Having a rosary and never praying it is as beneficial as having athletic shoes and never running in them.

    Which brings me to the necessary question. If some spiritual agent was trying to undermine the rosary, why would they create rosaries that people would use to pray the same prayers the agent doesn't want them to pray? The plastic of the rosary doesn't change the prayers of the heart.

    Really, if I wanted to undermine the rosary, I would not secretly create "fake" rosaries. People would just continue praying. What I would do would be to try to create doubt about the rosaries people already have. The warning you found seems to be effective for that purpose.

    Yes, I am more suspicious of the warning than I am of the plastic rosary it speaks about.

  5. Merl says:

    The new age rosary is in fact a problem. Catholics are unaware that the people who believe in the power of darkness are very faithful to their symbols and their "prayers". Don'tdisregard something based upon intellect. Intellect is a sign of self. God requires faith. Faith requires belief.

    • semperjase says:

      I disagree with the statement that intellect is a sign of self. The Saints of our church demonstrate that faith and intellect are not mutually exclusive – e.g. St. Augustine and St. Aquinas among many others.

      We are not required to accept accusations to be true as a matter of faith just because some uneducated people make a claim. I am completely at ease disregarding conspiracy theories based on intellect. In fact, conspiracy theories tend to rely on people not using their intellect. A cursory look into the claims about new age rosaries quickly reveals there is nothing to be concerned about (except fear itself).

      No one has provided any evidence supporting the claims that new age rosaries are a credible danger, but I have found some evidence disputing the "new age rosary" claim as a hoax. http://www.philomena.org/documents/RosaryControve

  6. r m gard says:

    This entire discussion is ludicrous !!! Way back in the "dark ages of Catholicism" (the 1950's), us ancient GI's were taught that if you wanted to pray a "Rosary" and didn't have one handy, use your knuckles to keep track if your brain was needed for other duties (such as Combat Alertness). I learned to keep track of the prayers mentally, and still do 60 years later !!! And now we have an new set of "Mysteries" to boot; not to mention the seven decade Fransiscan Rosaries ( my new Favorites).

    • Roxy says:

      r m gard: i do use my fingers to track how many hail mary's i did when I forgot to bring mine. And I am not even a soldier 😉 I also checked my plastic rosary and I have not seen the rosary that was posted in this site.

  7. Kris says:

    I Heard about this too from a friend 2 years ago. And since i have some rosaries from these sort of new age version.

    Another telling sign that it might not be a real rosary – is the absence of the "INRI" logo above Christ's head.

    I hope someone is able to confirm wether or not these sort of rosaries beads are un-desirable.

  8. siteunseen says:

    I've been buying these rosaries and giving them to the missions, not understanding the symbolism on the Crucifix, which is very curious. There is no INRI. That is most curious. All good old fashioned rosaries always had the INRI. I was told many years ago, by an old Dominican Priest, that Plastic for a Rosary was once forbidden. The Crucifix also had to be made of Wood, or mostly wood. Things have changed due to costs on shipping, the church has not forbidden plastic rosaries, but anything can happen in this Occult Driven World we live in. Also pay attention to the fact that kids involved in the Occult want to wear those plastic rosaries. Perhaps they know the significance of the symbols on the Crucifix? I'm forwarding all of this to a Priest who is very well versed in Diabolical Possession, Occult practices, etc. He's going to get back to me on this, but he's very busy, being a Traditional Benedictine Monk. They pray all day, work all day, etc.

    • J Emmanuel says:

      In think you hit the crux of the matter. There's a trend among gang-bangers and narco-sympathizers to use a modified rosary to show their affiliations. I would be interested in discussing our observations and testimonies to this matter further.

  9. Tracey says:

    The best thing to do is NOT HAVING TO DO WITH THEM! Do not rely on FREE things. Do not be enticed. Does not the devil entice?
    There are good Catholic institutions or associations who give free, good, and real rosaries – if one cannot afford, one writes and ask them.

  10. A priest once told me that a rosary is just a bunch of beads strung together, nothing more (unless its blessed of course!) where the value comes in is in the prayer.

    I have done some research into the "new age" rosary and have found that there are pagen groups out there who pray a "new age" or "spiritual" version of the rosary, one of which is the Heart Center Community and another is the Summit Lighthouse group. Both groups state having "new age" versions of the rosary that they use.

    Now back to the comment stated above, If you receive a "new age" rosary then throw it away if it makes you feel uncomfortable to have one. It is nothing more than a string of plastic beads. There is no harm in destroying a non-blessed rosary. Since what matters with the rosary is the prayers associated with it. You can use your fingers to count the prayers if nothing else. Pray the true Rosary everyday for world peace!

  11. Deanna says:

    Okay, perhaps you will think i have no right to post on this subject but I have followed a pagan/new age path in the past and you all are seriously worrying about nothing at all. Even if the rosaries in question were made for "new age" use they would not be harmful to anyone. The symbols on the rosary in question hold only the power YOU ascribe to them. A circle with a dot in the center is only a circle with a dot, it has no power unless you think it does. A Caduceus can represent a planet or a metal or simply that you are in the medical profession and is no more than a bunch of inscribed lines. How can lines alone have any sort of power unless a human brain gives them that power. New age/pagans are not evil , diabolical people who wish you any sort of harm. Educate yourselves about the things you fear and you may find out there was nothing ever to fear at all.

  12. Penelope Brummell says:


    Educating ourselves to the things we fear is not the problem, educating ourselves to the things we ought to fear is. A pot of boiling water is only a pot of boiling water, it has no power unless you think it does…………..OK stick your hands in it.
    Jesus Christ says 'Follow me'
    Our Lady says 'Pray the Rosary'
    The crucifix of Jesus is based on the original one at Calvary…… Jesus pierced in the heart, the plain cross, the INRI sign above His head, three nails and the crown of thorns on His head.
    Why would the devil give out rosaries for prayers to be said?? because he is a liar, a thief, the deceiver, the ensnarer, the fowler.
    Rosaries are blessed & rosaries are consecrated to God, Our Lord, Our Lady. They become 'Sacramentals'. powerful weapons against evil. Why the devil would want to undermind this is academic and goes without saying….but of course we see things differently….we walk by faith not by sight.

  13. Aldo says:

    "Is praying the rosary Scriptural?"

    While much of what the prayer of the rosary contains is scriptural, the whole second half of the “Hail Mary” and portions of the “Hail, Holy Queen” are blatantly unbiblical. While the first part of the Hail Mary is almost a direct quotation from Luke 1:28, there is no scriptural basis for (1) praying to Mary now, (2) addressing her as “holy” Mary, or (3) calling her “our life” and “our hope.”

    Is it right to call Mary “holy,” by which the Catholic Church means that Mary never sinned nor had any taint of original sin? The believers in the Bible were called “saints,” which can be interpreted as “set-apart ones” or “holy ones,” but the understanding of Scripture is that the righteousness that believers in Christ have is an imparted righteousness from Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21) and that while in this life, they are not yet sanctified from sin in practice (1 John 1:9-2:1). Jesus is called our Saviour repeatedly in Scripture because He saved us from our sin. In Luke 1:47, Mary calls God her “ Saviour.” Saviour from what? A sinless person does not need a Saviour. Sinners need a Saviour. Mary acknowledged that God was her Saviour. Therefore, Mary was acknowledging that she was a sinner.

    Jesus said that He came to save us from our sins (Matthew 1:21). The Roman Catholic Church claims that Mary was saved from sin differently from everyone else–that she was saved from sin through the immaculate conception (her being conceived free of sin). But is this teaching scriptural? The Roman Catholic Church openly admits that this teaching is not found in Scripture. When a young man addressed Jesus as “good Master” (Matthew 19:16-17), Jesus asks why he calls Him “good” since there is none good but one, God. Jesus was not denying His own deity, He was trying to make the young man aware that he was using the term too loosely without thinking about what he was saying. But Jesus’ point is still valid or He would not have said it–there is none good but God. This excludes all but God, including Mary! This ties in with Romans 3:10-23; Romans 5:12; and countless other passages that stress the fact that in God’s eyes no one measures up. Never is Mary ever excluded from such all-encompassing statements!

    What of the question of praying to Mary or to anyone else besides God? We are never told in the Bible whether anyone else in heaven can even hear us. We do know that God alone is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present. Even the angels, with whatever great abilities they may have, seem to have their limitations and can’t always make it to help us as they might like (Daniel 10:10-14). When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He gave them what is commonly called the “Our Father.” He teaches us to address our prayer to God. Whenever prayer is addressed to anyone, it is done to God! Never can you find a single example of someone praying to any “saint” or angel or anyone else (besides prayers to false gods). Further, any time that any pious person prostrates himself (in a religious setting) to honour someone else besides God (chiefly to the apostles or angels), he is told to get up, to stop it (Acts 10:25-26; Acts 14:13-16; Matthew 4:10; Revelation 19:10; Revelation 22:8-9). The Roman Catholic Church states that it worships God alone but that it “venerates” Mary and the saints. What is the difference? A person praying the rosary spends more time calling out to Mary than to God! For every one praise of God in the rosary, there are 10 praises of Mary!

    The Bible states that Jesus is our Redeemer (Galatians 3:13; 4:4-5; Titus 2:14; 1 Peter 1:18-19; Revelation 5:9). The “Hail, Holy Queen” calls Mary our “most gracious advocate,” but the Bible calls Jesus our Advocate to the Father (1 John 2:1) and our one Mediator (1 Timothy 2:5). The only time in Scripture that the title “Queen of Heaven” is found it is in a negative way (Jeremiah 7:17-19; 44:16-27). The whole of Scripture teaches us to pray to God alone. Never once can you find an example or admonition to pray to anyone else! The only basis for the idea of getting to God through Mary is the biblical story of Mary coming to Jesus to ask for his help at a wedding feast (John 2). But in light of all of the other verses, including Jesus’ own instruction on how we are to pray, is it taking this passage in context to use it to teach that we ought to continue to go through Mary to get to God?

    Likewise, is it appropriate to call Mary our “life” and “hope”? Again, these are terms that are used of God alone in Scripture, particularly God the Son, Jesus Christ (John 1:1-14; Colossians 3:4; 1 Timothy 1:1; Ephesians 2:12; Titus 2:13). Thus, the practice of saying the rosary goes contrary to Scripture in a number of ways. Only God can hear our prayers. Only God can answer our prayers. The Bible nowhere instructs Christians to pray through intermediaries, or to petition saints or Mary (in Heaven) for their prayers.

  14. Rosary Beads says:

    Really a great website and good discussion going on.

  15. Joseph says:

    I have a rosary like this that I got at first communion… But it is black… does it still count as a new age rosary???

  16. Jonathan says:

    My little brother received one of this rosary. He used to pray every night before going to sleep with a normal rosary, but when he prayed with this new rosary, he could'nt sleep well at all. It is as though something horrible is there with him. A priest in my friend's perish told me to destroy the rosary and throw it away for it is said to be an occult instrument.

  17. olga says:

    My full story wont get posted. Keeping it short this time. I found two such rosaries in my house. I may have bought them in Rome or Medjugorje in 2000. One I found in my daugtetr's room about a week ago and another among my things in an old empty biscuit tin filled with odds and ends. If this gets out I will continue my story in parts. xx

  18. olga says:

    After receiving an e mail, I decided to check a rosary I had been reminding my daughter to take with her where ever she goes . I even put it under her pillow and make sure she has it before she travels. (She is in her 20s). Her personality has changed drastically in these past few years( possibly about the time I gave her the rosary).

  19. olga says:

    On sat 7th Sept 2013, while I was in bed, my old biscuit tin came crashing to the ground. It was 1.30am. I had tried to stay up for the prayer vigil with Pope Franics but was too sleepy.(we are & hours ahead of Rome) I awoke with a fright and started to clear the stuff that had scattered to the floor. My husband came in from watching a late night movie an told me to leave it till the morning but I felt I should say my rosary while I clear, dust and sort the scattered stuff. I could not get past the I BELIEVE much as I tried several times and so gave up. That was when I saw the rosary hidden among some of the things which had fallen. I didn't make the connection about the newage rosary and the I believe until a few days later.

  20. olga says:

    I promptly threw it into the bag with the throw out stuff and finished clearing. It was almost 2,30am by then(7hours ahead of Rome) and I went to try find a live telecast of the PRAYER VIGIL with Pope Francis. I could not and decided to do the ON LINE ROSARY for intentions of peace in Syria and the world. The online rosary site has an 'intention window'. Into my third decade(I had no problem with the CREED this time), I checked the other intentions and was surprised to find someone had posted a site for the live telecast. I finished my rosary and went on to watch the live telecast till 5am! It was amazing.
    What to make of all this. I am not sure. But I have been praying for the Holy Souls in purgatory, before and especially since my sister passed away last August2012. I feel a soul, perhaps my sister's , or another, may have come by to say' thank you' by throwing the biscuit tin on the floor for me to find the said rosary.
    aps I am just a crazy fool making too much of all this, perhaps the rosary is more dangerous than we realise?
    God bless…plese pray the ON LINE ROSARY and always remember the HOLY SOULS IN PURGATORY.xx

  21. MHR says:

    This very interesting as there are lots of good folks looking to get free rosaries to pass out to the less fortunate around the world. This just reminds us that there are a lot of sick people trying to undermine religion in general! They think they are it!!!!

  22. These steps, along with the help of the clergy at your chosen parish, will help you convert to Catholicism. Many people choose to become Catholic as adults for marriage, personal belief or a host of other reasons. Thanks.

  23. M-C says:

    My mom just got an email about these and told me to go look through mine. Most of mine aren't plastic and the one tha is seems to be "valid." I'm seeing in some of these comments that many people have associated problems with these physical, plastic rosaries. What's interesting though is that great Marian saints like Dominic, John Bosco, and Louis De Montfort have preached over and over that the greatest weapon against Satan is the Rosary. As he was exorcising a demon St. Dominic asked the evil spirit what was their most powerful enemy, and he replied Mary and her Rosary. I can see why he would attempt to infiltrate the use of Rosaries in this "new age" way then. However, it could be that he is causing this hype ain't these rosaries to make us think it's all because of the plastic, physical rosary, and cause us to forget the spiritual warfare. Think about it, he is the father of lies, therefore he tries to deceive us, even using reverse psychology. Some of you say evil has come through these rosaries, and you can believe that. However, perhaps Satan is really trying to make us concentrate on if our rosary is "valid," whereas all Mary wants from us is faithful devotion to her rosary. The devil will always be against our prayer of the rosary, so why not cause us to overreact to a temporal rather than spiritual aspect of it? Perhaps I'm over thinking it. Just my opinion. Hopefully I explained my self sufficiently.

    • Jacqueline says:

      This Rosary is altered….period! Your explanation applies to the Rosary as it is intended to be and not an altered version using symbols that the Catholic Church has not approved of, yet. I say, cut them up and throw them out….better to be safe than sorry. I am a big believer in spiritual warfare and the need for deliverance.

  24. Paul says:

    Doing a search on 'Satanic Rosaries' I found this site among hundreds of sites openly promoting Satanism and the satanic rosary. And this site suggests the satanic rosary is all in people's imagination!!
    Don't forget what Scripture tells us: 'You must not bring any abomination into your house or you, like it, will come under the curse of destruction' (Deuteronomy 7:26).

  25. Satanic Rosaries are very real! They are not only used by Satanists but their allurements are indeed in the imaging they contain! Every Catholic in particular should understand the power of imaging! This not to mention what might be attached to the item by a that "blessing" (curse). Of course a holy person cannot be affected by either, but who is perfectly holy??? A must see this video: http://en.gloria.tv/?media=432164

    EWTN has been warning people about these rosaries for the last 5 years

  26. Jacqueline says:

    Until the Catholic Church condones additives to the crucifix, I will cut them up and throw them away so that they are not used by anyone. I did find one of these rosaries among my many rosaries and therefore cut it up and threw it out claiming the Blood of the Lamb over myself and my home. I am a believer of spiritual warfare.

  27. dan conver says:

    Stop looking for the bogey man in a piece of plastic. You look like a bunch of fools giving evil power to plastic! Use the Rosary for prayer focus on Jesus and not the plastic as it has no power of its own or from the devil. Do you really think God is that weak that he can't protect His flock of sheep from improper printed plastic tools, blessed or not? The Rosary is about Jesus; you would know that if you said it. The Rosary ITSELF IS A SIMPLE TOOL and has no power as the power is in the prayer and I don't care if the devil himself kissed it.

  28. Lessie M. says:

    I just found one in my home and off course I destroyed it… Just to be sure. But I know that our Lord is with us. Let's keep praying…

  29. Maria says:

    Dear All,

    I am in India and I came across such a rosary and there is a huge commotion in our church over here for the past one week. We took the same to the prayer group and they also knew about it and they have warned us not to use such rosaries. You cannot keep God and Satan under one roof. We need to be more prudent because all glory is to God. So please check the rosaries before you'll buy. It is not good to use such objects which depcits satanic. We are God's people and we should use what is holy and not holy. Thanks Take this seriosly as we are mere grass today we are there and tomorrow gone. We all need to face God so a rightuous part, righthous deeds and rigthous things should always be our concern. God bless all. Thanks