Our three older kids collected extra loot this Christmas, and they are itching to purchase video games.

In our house, we allow video games, as long as there is no sexual content, no violence, no adult content, no obscene language, and no dark spirituality. As you can imagine, we are limited to mostly sports and puzzle games!

The kids have asked to purchase a few games and I was unsure of the content… neither the packaging nor the regular reviews providing much insight.

So I searched for some Christian reviews, and I was pleasantly surprised by the sites I found!

As we are all in this together, I thought I would share the list of sites I found useful:

Merry Christmas!

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10 Responses to Christian Video Game Reviews

  1. bob says:

    lol. ur kid's lives must suck.

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  4. Guest says:

    These are some good sites, but they don't have the DS game I am looking for. They have a lot of the other games though.

  5. Jacob smith says:

    Your kids lives must be hell
    No Bf3?

    • Anominous says:

      Just because you dislike something does not give you the right to bash someones idea. How would you feel if someone completely made fun of you, especially if its bashing the way someone runs their own house! This is no way to treat anybody.

  6. dice spelen says:

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  7. mmsae says:

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