Joe Carter at First Things has list of 50 things a man should be able to do. It is a good list – those are thing a man should be able to do.  I am pretty sure that the list might not be the same.  What do you think should be on a list of the things a man should be able to do?

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One Response to Things A Man Should Be Able To Do

  1. I always think these lists are too long to be helpful.

    I do, however, like the opening two "things": forgive your parents and ask them to forgive you. Very important. And best to be done as soon as possible.

    I would simplify and suggest that, in addition to the first two, a man should be able to

    1. supply the essentials (food and shelter) for his wife and kids, in whatever manner is appropriate. This could include hunting, fishing, and building something to live in. It could also include working at a mid-size computer company for a decent wage.

    2. learn whatever is necessary to supply said essentials. Easy as pie in the age of the Internet and Google.

    3. sacrifice – for his God, his wife, and his kids.

    BTW: I disagree with #9 – innocently flirt with a woman twice his age. Truth be told, there is no innocent flirting. It's either lying or worse, thinly veiled truth.