Parental Sins

January 15th, 2011

A good friend of mine, Pete Bauer, wrote this amazing piece on raising children. I couldn’t have said it better myself if I tried…

Whatever happened to parents protecting their children from the sins of the world?  Instead, I find more and more parents complicit in introducing sin to their children.

They buy or allow school clothes and Halloween costumes that make their teen girls look like strippers.

They buy or allow their children to play video games with sexual content, graphic violence and graphic language.  Try to find a non-sports themed Play Station 3 game that isn’t rated M for Mature.  It’s almost impossible.  Even the T for Teen rated games regularly take the Lord’s name in vain and use the less offensive, but equally inappropriate curse words.

Parents allow or watch amoral trash such as Jersey Shore with their kids, a show which only fosters the destructive selfishness that is eating away at the moral core of this country.

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