I’m pretty rushed at present, trying to get lots finished before I close the business down for the Christmas holidays, to spend time with the family.

So just time for a brief post today. However, I have just started to read a very thought-provoking book, by an English Professor of Education, James Tooley. It is called The Miseducation of Women. Its thesis is that the educational establishment, under the influence of ‘equity feminism’ has imposed an education on girls that forces them to try to emulate men, and above all to build successful careers. That leads to conflicts within themselves about the priority of that versus raising a family, and also de-stabilises their relationships with men.

All of which leaves me thinking that as Catholic Dads, we should be educating our kids – girls and boys – primarily with a view to helping them to identify and live out their vocations (whatever they may be), not purely in narrow terms of careers.

The reality is for most women, an important part of the vocation will be motherhood; and that will mean the career necessarily takes second place, at least for a while – so we should educate them to be comfortable with that reality, should it arise. Likewise, we should educate our boys to see ‘husband and father’ as primary vocations, rather than ‘career.’

Of course, boys and girls may have other vocations, religious or otherwise, and should be prepared and supported for that eventuality also.

But educating them solely to be able to earn lots of money and have high-status employment is a very narrow and potentially very damaging path to take: yet that is what our culture expects and values.

So that is this week’s challenge: how to raise our kids to identify their vocations, and have the courage to pursue them faithfully.

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