The Easter Magnet Book by Wee Believers is an easy concept to understand.  A glorious story put in the hands of small children to create their ideas of how it looked.  No one knows exactly how it all took place, so it’s great for little children to experiment with different layouts to gain a better understanding of the events.  The magnet book has 15 pieces including Jesus, the tomb, angels, animals, and more.  Keep the littlest ones supervised as some of the small pieces create a choking hazard.  The product is built nicely and the magnets stay in place well.

In a matter of a few minutes my children made 2 or 3 different scenes with the magnets.  We’re going on a road trip in a few days and this will be a great toy for the kids to share in the car.   I like products that allow kids to be creative and use their minds and hands to create something good.  This is a great, though simple, toy for kids.

The Wee Believers Easter Floor Puzzle is a very nice puzzle.  My wife took the puzzle to Vacation Bible School and the kids liked it, though is is a bit challenging.  The age range on the package says 3+, but since the puzzle is two-sided, the little ones had trouble figuring out which side was which.  That was frustrating for the kids and for the moms who hoped the kids would be kept busy with the puzzle.  An adult is needed to help figure out which side is which being that the colors on both sides were very similar and had similar animals.   At home my children, 4 and 6, enjoyed putting the puzzle together, though they expressed the same concern and I needed to help.  The message on the puzzle is very nice, my children were able to discuss the story of the Nativity while having fun putting the puzzle together.

The quality of the puzzle is very high.  The pieces are thick and cut well.  They fit together nice and tight.  Overall I think this is a nice puzzle, though I think the age marked on the package is a bit low so unless your chlidren are a little older you’ll definitely need to join them.  I would recommend this puzzle to families with children 4 or older.

Note: I received these item from Wee Believers in exchange for an honest review.

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