In my past blog I covered three of the top Catholic websites:,, and  By no means are those the only great Catholic websites out there.  Those three are only the beginning! We are blessed to have so many great resources online. We just have to be aware that they’re there,  know what kind of information they offer, and put them to good use!  Here are a few more of the top Catholic websites:


Divine Office –

This website is a great tool for every Catholic out there.  On this site you can pray every prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours online!  Or you can download their Liturgy of the Hours App for your mobile device and play the audio through your phone.  I was recently introduced to this site and I absolutely love it.  With this app you can pray the Liturgy of the Hours while you’re working, working out, commuting to and from work, and almost any other time of the day. Consider trying, I’m sure you won’t regret it.


The Catholic Company –

I know what you’re thinking:  Here comes the advertisement.  But, practically speaking, Catholics live in a material world.  Material can bring us closer to God or farther away.  The choice is up to us as to how to use the material world.  The Catholic Company and other catholic online stores allow you to purchase material goods that bring you closer to God, not farther away.  The Catholic Company is the largest Catholic online store with the highest quality products.  If you have been to our warehouse, then you completely understand.  Every Catholic needs somewhere to turn in order to purchase Catholic gifts, books, etc., and The Catholic Company is simply the best there is. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Twitter to learn more. We also have great videos on our YouTube channel, so subscribe!


EWTN’s Official Website –

There is a clear monopoly over Catholic television, EWTN. They have the best speakers, interviews with well-known faithful Catholics, and televised prayer/mass every day.  Their website gives you access to live radio, live videos, and news.  They also have general information on the teachings of the Church.  If you want to become more engaged with Catholic media, then you have to start with EWTN. They are undeniable leader in Catholic media, no question about it.



The Vatican YouTube channel –

If you like to keep up with the happenings of the Holy Father and other current events at the Vatican, then the Vatican YouTube channel is one of the best places to go.  It’s like your very own Vatican TV channel, especially because it’s updated daily. You can watch and listen to the Holy Father’s addresses and prayers, and also view the huge crowds of pilgrims.  It’s a great resource to learn from the wisdom of the Holy Father, in his own voice, every day.  Once you watch one video it automatically streams to the next, so you can watch or listen to it just like you would the TV. Just check it out and I’m sure you’ll agree  . . .  it’s pretty great.



If you even use 4 of these 7 sites, including the sites from Part 1, then you are sure to have access to a great amount of content and resources which will completely change your online experience.  If you’re ever looking to kill time, surf the web, or read something inspiring, then I am sure that one of these sites has exactly what you are looking for.  What sites would you like to see added to this list?  What is your favorite Catholic website?  Did it make this list?


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3 Responses to The Websites Every Catholic Should Use: Part 2

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  2. Anna says:

    I would think twice about posting anything from divine ripples, I just linked there from one of your feeds and one of their most popular posts is a christian girl being raped or abused/video by muslims and a warning saying that the video is graphic. I didn't actually click on it so I have no idea what is really on the video I had a hard time trying to report it, so I figured I'd give you guys the heads up since I got there from your website.