Gen Xer who has grown up (mostly). I earned a PhD in Psychology, and work in marketing research, but my Catholic faith and my family are most important to me. I live with my wife and four kids in Southern California. I am neither liberal nor conservative. I am Catholic and that makes all the difference. I am pro-life, and pro-family. I am intelligent and open-minded (but not so open minded that my brain falls out). I am opinionated. I laugh (a lot).

Are you judging?

November 6th, 2014

readbible[1]many tell others not to judge. Often what they mean is “leave me alone” or, “leave him/her alone.” Sometimes people use it as a reason to not speak, after all, “who am I to judge.” For too many it is an excuse. What they really mean is that “I am so glad I don’t have to say anything.” It is also used in political and social contexts to intimidate people.

Is that what Christ meant when he said not to judge?

Thank_you_pinned_note[1]Google does not always do right. But this time they did.

They are now rejecting ads for pornography and porn apps.

This is at least in part to the prompting of advocacy groups, like Porn Harms Action.

Catholic dads, indeed all men of faith, should support the good work of this group. Go and check them out to find out how you can help.

mk-graduateMy oldest graduated from high school this past weekend. As graduation approached, the feeling was surreal. We were going through a dramatic change. She is moving-on. She already has a job for the summer, and will start taking on the responsibilities of an adult. In late August, she leaves for college. She is most definitely entering a new exciting phase, and the role of her dad is changing.

Randy Hain has written a new book for Catholic men. I review it here, along with the reasons that you may want to get this one. In a world where it is tough to be a man, and even harder to be an authentic Catholic man, it is important to have resources that help you along the way. This is one of those resources.

As reported in LifeSite news, Google has banned ads from crisis pregnancy centers for searches about abortion clinics. Google has caved to pressure from the extremist pro-abortion group NARAL. In an ironic twist, abortion providers can still advertise if people search for crisis pregnancy centers.

You can take a stand to defend life and the family by contacting Google directly at or on Twitter @Google

and you can sign the petition at

domesticchurchHappy Father’s Day! I hope your day is blessed and absolutely fabulous day!

In honor of Father’s day, I was interviewed on Catholic Forum, a half-hour program produced by the Office of Communications of the Diocese of Wilmington. You can listen to the interview here on Catholic Dads!

microphone-iStock_000016166136XSmallFather’s Day, June 16) is nearly here and Catholic Dads Online will be on the air this Father’s day. If you are in Deleware, Maryland, or on the internet, you can hear Catholic Dads Online founder, Rob Kaiser, in a Father’s Day interview with Bob Krebs on Catholic Forum.

Randy Hain is an author (whose work has been reviewed at Catholic Dads here and here. Randy just published an article, “A Checklist for Catholic Dads” at the National Catholic Register. It would be well worth your time to read it.

KidsUnsafeAreaI was recently contacted about what advice I would give to a group of college aged Catholic men on being good fathers. I was able to come up with five pieces of advice that I would want young Catholic dads or men who may become Catholic dads to have.

PelagiusWasWrongDo you know who Pelagius is? Are you a Pelagian and without even realizing it? Pelagius taught that you can, on your own, live a virtuous life. A Christian understanding recognizes this as false. But do we live that or is there a little Pelagius in how we live? Do you focus on acheivement? Do you take charge? Do you measure success in numbers? If so, then perhaps you are a secret Pelagian.