I am the oldest of three boys. The father of three children. Husband of one wife. I spent the better part of the last 25 years in University. Most recently at St. Jerome's University at the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo Ontario in the Religious Studies Program. My focus area's of study are Catholicism, Judaism, Monasticism and Pauline Studies. My Greatest struggle is NT Greek. (My Dyslexia really messes up language learning)I was in university as a student or staff from 1988 until 2010. I love reading and read on average about 150 books a year. Over the last few years I have published 200 book reviews in 7 different publications. My reviews on my blog are reprints of those I still have rights to. My area of focus in reading is divided between Catholicism, Christianity, Classics, Fiction and Fitness. When I was younger I read a lot more Sci-fi Fantasy, but now tend to have greater variety. A complete list of what I have read since August 1994 is available on my website. My blog is most book reviews and literary ramblings with the occasional article or movie review. My three biggest passions are faith, fitness and books and that is what I write about most.

Manual for Spiritual Warfare Paul Thigpen Tan Books ISBN 9781618906533 ASIN B00SZDHHJ6 Like it or not, you are at war. This book is excellent. To be honest I had no idea where to begin with writing a review. So I went back to the book and copied my highlighted texts from the introduction and first […]

Freeing Tanner Rose Faith and Kung Fu Book 1 T.M. Gaouette Createspace ISBN 9781494305062   This is the second novel I have read by T.M. Gaouette and I have enjoyed both immensely. However the pace and intensity in this story was gripping. I barely put the book down and read it in two extended settings. […]

Andrew M Seddon – Doctor by day author and hierographier by night. Born in England and raised in the United States. He writes the lives of the saints as if he was a desert father himself. He is a wordsmith! He has been writing part time since 1990, recently he took some time out from […]

Decision Point Every now and again you come across something so awesome you just can’t stop talking about it. The Decision Point bible study is just such a thing. A friend is working through this study and brought it to my attention, I am very thankful for coming across his posting about it. Now this […]

Pope John XXIII The Good Pope Wyatt North ISBN 9781622782000 ASIN B00IAG5HQ8 This book was an awesome little read. A short quick sweet introduction to the man and his short service as pope. Pope John XXIII soon to be canonized has always appealed to me. I was not alive during Pope John XXII’s term as […]

Saints Alive – Saints of Empire News Stories of Old Saints Volume I Andrew M. Seddon Bezalel Books ISBN 9781936453191 ASIN B00BHLZNWG I was recently asked about writing a few words about a forthcoming book,  that book happened to be Saints Alive Volume II – Celtic Paths. After reading the first story in the new […]

A preface to this review. I know it is not by a Catholic. And I know that as Catholics we have all been taught something about fasting, even if just first Friday’s and Fridays in Lent. But this book goes deeper in just 24 pages. And I think it is worth sharing with  you my […]

Lent 2014 Some Thoughts We are almost half way through Lent and this year has been different for me than many before. Lent is usually a time of intense reading, or to be specific intense spiritual reading for me. This year I did not build a list of books I wanted to read or reread. […]

Children and Prayer

January 28th, 2014

Each night for over a year now I have prayed with and over my children before bed. It started after reading Mark Batterson’s Praying Circles Around Your Children. After the first week or so my oldest asked me why I was praying over them each night. So I told her I read a book and felt it was important […]

Goals for 2014

January 2nd, 2014

Goals for 2014 I have not been a big new year’s resolutions person. Maybe because I spent so many years in University that for me the year still begins in September with the beginning of the academic year. But Some great posts got me things, first Sarah Reinhard from Snoring Scholar had a great piece […]