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Are you judging?

November 6th, 2014

readbible[1]many tell others not to judge. Often what they mean is “leave me alone” or, “leave him/her alone.” Sometimes people use it as a reason to not speak, after all, “who am I to judge.” For too many it is an excuse. What they really mean is that “I am so glad I don’t have to say anything.” It is also used in political and social contexts to intimidate people.

Is that what Christ meant when he said not to judge?

Thank_you_pinned_note[1]Google does not always do right. But this time they did.

They are now rejecting ads for pornography and porn apps.

This is at least in part to the prompting of advocacy groups, like Porn Harms Action.

Catholic dads, indeed all men of faith, should support the good work of this group. Go and check them out to find out how you can help.

As reported in LifeSite news, Google has banned ads from crisis pregnancy centers for searches about abortion clinics. Google has caved to pressure from the extremist pro-abortion group NARAL. In an ironic twist, abortion providers can still advertise if people search for crisis pregnancy centers.

You can take a stand to defend life and the family by contacting Google directly at or on Twitter @Google

and you can sign the petition at

bible-american-flag1As we are approaching July 4th, I believe it’s important to write a short blog on how to be a good citizen of the State, according to Catholic/Biblical standards.
First: “Let every soul be subject to higher powers: for there is no power but from God: and those that are, are ordained from God” (Romans 13:1).

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) quotes this verse of Sacred Scripture in order to advocate the fact that the authorities which exist have been instituted by God.

Modesty is always BeatifulDuring the week I’ve seen numerous responses of outrage connected to Beyoncé’s halftime show. The nature of that performance is just another example of the many challenges we face as fathers. Trying to help our children develop an appropriate sense of self and cultivate the virtue of modesty is hard.

So what’s a dad to do?

Wrong-Right-Street-Sign-iStock_000009770345XSmallIn a New York Times article, David Brooks summarizes the findings of Christian Smith’s book. Lost In Transition.  The book is concerned with young adults’ beliefs about the moral life.  David writes, ‘the results are depressing.’  The basic premise of the article (and the book) is that we as a culture have failed the younger generation in giving them the framework to judge between what is right and what is wrong—i.e., about the good life. The youth in Christian’s study, 230 young adults ages 18-23, simply lacked the ‘categories or vocabulary’ to even speak about moral issues.

What is the #1 challenge facing fathers today?  This is a difficult question to answer for many reasons, especially because all families are different with different issues and struggles.  And yet, I think that some issues and struggles affect most, if not every father of this day and age in particular. Many challenges could possibly qualify including:

~ How does a father talk to his children about sex in a sex-saturated culture targeted more and more towards kids?

~ How much does a father censor what his children are exposed to online, on TV, and with their friends?

~ How does a father impart the value of the Catholic Bible, the lives of the saints, and other elements of faith to his children in a country which is becoming more and more secular?

We don’t do a lot of politics here. This isn’t Catholic Vote, it’s Catholic Dads. I am not going to go into a list of why, from a Catholic perspective, one candidate (Romney) is better than the other (Obama). There are sites that do that (the Catholic Hispanic Leadership Alliance has a good breakdown). Still, politics is part of every man’s life including, perhaps especially, dads.

Today I gave a short talk in a University courtyard on “how guys should treat girls.” As I was preparing my presentation it occurred to me that I really wanted to sit down with a small group of Catholic Dads and shoot the breeze over this  before I wrote or spoke about it. Leaving the topic of […]

On Dark Secrets

April 28th, 2012

Gentlemen, I have a recommendation for you. It is at a blog by a Catholic mother called My Broken Fiat. The particular post is titled My Darkest Secret. It describes the pain of a woman caused by her husband’s selfishness.