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It’s a new year, gentlemen. So what does that mean for us? Maybe you are on this site because you feel that itch. Something telling you that you can be better. Something deep inside of you wanting to be better. I found this website about a year ago in the same position. I didn’t like […]

I subscribe to a lot of different email lists that I find can be a positive influence in my life. Most of them are faith-based and some are health-based. One of the lists I subscribe to is by a health and fitness guy who is also a Christian, Shaun Hadsall. I read one this morning […]


September 17th, 2014

“So one of my colleagues is a single woman,” I said over lunch to my friend, “in her sixties I think.  She was telling us that she didn’t contribute to the population problem and shouldn’t have to support those that did.  By taxes, I’d suppose, or maybe by accommodations businesses make for families.” “Shortsighted,” he […]

A-fathers-Love-by-A--McCabe-Photography-qpps_7431525026818265.LGThis Father’s Day, we all need to take an honest look at ourselves and ask, “Are we doing enough?”

DisciplineI was a boy living my own life for a long time. Christ had always been a “part” of my life but for a long time, He was nowhere near the top of my list. That all changed when my daughter was born. While my wife was pregnant, I had flirted with my faith again but I was more or less going through the motions.

mk-graduateMy oldest graduated from high school this past weekend. As graduation approached, the feeling was surreal. We were going through a dramatic change. She is moving-on. She already has a job for the summer, and will start taking on the responsibilities of an adult. In late August, she leaves for college. She is most definitely entering a new exciting phase, and the role of her dad is changing.

fc_will-mom-dad-blog-600x400 (1)Preparation for a sacrament is an opportunity for great joy along intertwined with the potential for great frustration.  The sacraments are profound encounters with the grace of God, but our human experience can get in the way. As a father of three boys and three girls, I have been though First Communion preparation seven times (counting my own). It is different every time, but I have found out it is very easy to get focused on the external rather than the internal and miss the whole point.

A Letter To My Sons

November 25th, 2013

Rural Route DeliveryTo My Dear Sons,

I have so many things to say and tell you about that I don’t even know exactly where to begin.

I believe it’s best if I start by saying that I love you dearly.

I will never forget the days you two were born, especially the moment I saw each one of you coming out to light. At each time I’ve felt as if something in me has changed and that I’ve become a better person because of you. I actually felt as if I’m getting closer to heaven, maybe because that’s where you came from. When you came to life, you brought with you the scent of heaven.

Dad and daughter playing around.No dad looks forward to arriving at home from work to find his kids fighting and his wife stressed out.

Disobedient kids who dodge chores are sure to make even the most loving mom cranky.

This is a not-so unfamiliar scene from what I experienced last spring at the Weber home.

126822-004-B7C5CC2CIt’s hard to believe that the Summer is drawing to a close, but here we are.  We’ve had our family vacations, the kids are anxiously awaiting their return to school, and most parents are ready to see their kids back in the throngs of academia. Despite the numerous times I have prepared my children to return to school at the end of each summer, I can’t help but wonder if there is anything significant and meaningful that I need to do for my children before they return. While thinking about this I came upon this powerful poem about being a saint inspired by Blessed Pope John Paul II.