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The kid’s a near genius, and that’s no exaggeration. Wynken could read his own books by the time he was 3, knows more about modern dinosaur theory than most adults, and can distinguish between exoplanets and objects in the Kuiper Belt.

We were accustomed to him bringing home an A on every test. On a recent test, he brought home a very different kind of A: Asperger Syndrome.

Jos24-15bg I grew up in a neighborhood where our friends lived a couple of blocks over and we were allowed to go play with them once our homework was done.

This frequently ran up to dinner time when it was just starting to get dark.

Since we were playing in one of a dozen front or back yards or in the woods, it wasn’t like my parents could just call up on the phone and tell them to send Johnny home. And it was definitely too far to holler.

Dad grew up in a time where kids were even more free-range and everybody whistled for their kids. Every family had their own pattern, so you knew who was being whistled for.

Wait. Whistling?

Remember the kerfuffle regarding Senomyx and big name food companies testing flavor enhancers on fetal cell lines?

PepsiCo is the latest company to reject the use of human tissue or cell lines derived from embryos or fetuses.

At Mass yesterday, Father preached an excellent sermon for Holy Week, which all my kids (as well as Anna and I) found profoundly moving. He started by reminding us how Nathan the prophet had told David a story of a rich man who had abused a poorer neighbour, and how David had reacted that such […]

Part of keeping our kids Catholic is forming their intellects in a Catholic way. This is very important, not least given the poor catechesis over the past decades which has led to large numbers of Catholics not really knowing their Faith. However, another part is forming their imaginations in a Catholic way. I think this […]

Bernie and I shared a long car journey last weekend, as I collected her form her University and drove her to Oxford to visit some friends at University there (I was also attending a reunion of old University friends). On the way down, she was commenting on how busy life seemed, even though she has […]

At the weekend, I met Bernie’s new boyfriend. It was a brief meeting, as we were rushing off somewhere else, so I will not draw any conclusions about him at this stage, other than to say he was polite, interesting – and Catholic. Her first boyfriend ended the relationship when he reflected how important her […]

Yesterday, we went to visit Bernie at her University: we met for Mass, and then went to the coast for a walk along the beach with Charlie and Dominique, and Goldie, our dog. It was an overcast day, and quite cold, but we had a lovely walk, and had some fish and chips for lunch, […]

Who looks back at you when you look into the mirror?

We all remember those famous words of the queen from Disney’s classic, Snow White. The mirror always told the truth to the queen whether she liked it or not…and, that’s how the saga began. Wouldn’t it be nice this Lent to have a mirror to do the same for us?

Lent is a great time for kids: they love getting ash on their forehead, and they love the idea of giving things up. It is also a great time for dads: a real teaching opportunity. When talking about giving things up with my kids, I use the sports metaphor. It is right there in St […]