Keeping Your Kids Catholic

At Mass yesterday, Father preached an excellent sermon for Holy Week, which all my kids (as well as Anna and I) found profoundly moving. He started by reminding us how Nathan the prophet had told David a story of a rich man who had abused a poorer neighbour, and how David had reacted that such […]

Part of keeping our kids Catholic is forming their intellects in a Catholic way. This is very important, not least given the poor catechesis over the past decades which has led to large numbers of Catholics not really knowing their Faith. However, another part is forming their imaginations in a Catholic way. I think this […]

Bernie and I shared a long car journey last weekend, as I collected her form her University and drove her to Oxford to visit some friends at University there (I was also attending a reunion of old University friends). On the way down, she was commenting on how busy life seemed, even though she has […]

At the weekend, I met Bernie’s new boyfriend. It was a brief meeting, as we were rushing off somewhere else, so I will not draw any conclusions about him at this stage, other than to say he was polite, interesting – and Catholic. Her first boyfriend ended the relationship when he reflected how important her […]

Yesterday, we went to visit Bernie at her University: we met for Mass, and then went to the coast for a walk along the beach with Charlie and Dominique, and Goldie, our dog. It was an overcast day, and quite cold, but we had a lovely walk, and had some fish and chips for lunch, […]

Lent is a great time for kids: they love getting ash on their forehead, and they love the idea of giving things up. It is also a great time for dads: a real teaching opportunity. When talking about giving things up with my kids, I use the sports metaphor. It is right there in St […]

As it is the Christmas Holiday season, I thought Catholic Dads might have a little more time to read a lengthier post than usual. It is also slightly more tangential to our theme than usual, but I hope it may prove interesting. It is a short fable. — Our family – one might almost say […]

I’m pretty rushed at present, trying to get lots finished before I close the business down for the Christmas holidays, to spend time with the family. So just time for a brief post today. However, I have just started to read a very thought-provoking book, by an English Professor of Education, James Tooley. It is […]

This week we celebrate another milestone as Antonia turns 21. So that’s it: officially grown up. The first of our children to emerge at the other end from our slightly odd approach to parenting (at least by modern standards). So it is interesting to look back. Ant is currently at University, where she is studying […]

Celebrating Advent

November 28th, 2011

It may be, as you read this, that you get the impression I am repeating myself (if you were around here last year, and have a very good memory). There’s a reason for that, and it’s called tradition. There is something wonderful about growing up with an annual cycle of practices which grow ever more […]