It’s a new year, gentlemen. So what does that mean for us? Maybe you are on this site because you feel that itch. Something telling you that you can be better. Something deep inside of you wanting to be better. I found this website about a year ago in the same position. I didn’t like […]

I subscribe to a lot of different email lists that I find can be a positive influence in my life. Most of them are faith-based and some are health-based. One of the lists I subscribe to is by a health and fitness guy who is also a Christian, Shaun Hadsall. I read one this morning […]

Do you ever feel like your faith life is a roller coaster? I have experienced spiritual highs and lows. So what brought me back? Today’s reading.
Jeremiah 31: “I will make a new covenant…”
Psalm 51: “Create a clean heart in me, O God”
Matthew 16: “Who do you say that I am?”

Randy Hain has written a new book for Catholic men. I review it here, along with the reasons that you may want to get this one. In a world where it is tough to be a man, and even harder to be an authentic Catholic man, it is important to have resources that help you along the way. This is one of those resources.

Finding the Virtuous Man

December 28th, 2012

Luc_ViatourAn article recently posted on a new all-things-men site,, asked, Are the Virtues Boring? These days, the connotation of being virtuous is being a bore, a kill-joy, a prude, a goody-two-shoes, etc. But is this really the case?


The [Catholic] blogger, Brandon Wall, begs to differ and raises an insightful point that I think will encourage us men to muster up the bravery to live a life of virtue.

“What the world doesn’t get is the people who lack virtue are the most static and bleak. The reason being is they always act the same way. They always over or under react. The drunk always gets drunk. The angry man always gets angry. The prude is always seeing the forbidden. They are the ones lacking variety. The virtuous possess a greater spectrum with regards to how they interact with the world.”

What is the #1 challenge facing fathers today?  This is a difficult question to answer for many reasons, especially because all families are different with different issues and struggles.  And yet, I think that some issues and struggles affect most, if not every father of this day and age in particular. Many challenges could possibly qualify including:

~ How does a father talk to his children about sex in a sex-saturated culture targeted more and more towards kids?

~ How much does a father censor what his children are exposed to online, on TV, and with their friends?

~ How does a father impart the value of the Catholic Bible, the lives of the saints, and other elements of faith to his children in a country which is becoming more and more secular?

Greetings my brothers: There are currently 82 members on the blog roll and a few contributors who do not have other blogs. Let’s try and revive this site a bit. Can everyone try and post 1 article in the next 60 days? Lets see if we can have a post a day from now until Christmas? I […]

Today I gave a short talk in a University courtyard on “how guys should treat girls.” As I was preparing my presentation it occurred to me that I really wanted to sit down with a small group of Catholic Dads and shoot the breeze over this  before I wrote or spoke about it. Leaving the topic of […]

“Our fathers were our models for God. If our fathers bailed, what does that tell us about God?” – Tyler Durden, “Fight Club”

This quote comes from a movie I wasn’t really fond of, but thinking about this quote hit me.  In today’s society the importance of having a father is becoming downplayed in a lot of ways.  One-third of all children in the U.S. do not live with their biological father, according to  Studies also show that living without a father increases the chances for teen pregnancy, child abuse, crime, and poverty.  These children need fathers that are active and engaged in their lives.  What are all of these absent fathers doing?  Why don’t they care about their children?

Man Meets Rosary

April 2nd, 2012

Recently I went to an abortion clinic to pray the rosary with a small group of parishioners, when two of the men pulled these tough, masculine-looking men’s rosaries out of their pockets.  They weren’t the pretty, jewelry-like rosaries that most women use.  They were made for a man and a man’s hands.   Hmmm, I thought . . . there is something attractive about a man that prays the rosary.

Okay, men . . . let me let you in on a little secret: devout Catholic women LOVE devout Catholic men.  It’s true.  This quality is actually attractive. Why is this?  Ever since the Garden of Eden, men have been charged by God with the protection of their wives and their children, both physically and spiritually.  When men fail to lead and protect, women not only feel vulnerable and unsafe, they also feel that they have to “fill in” for this lack, especially for their children.  This creates a stressful burden for a woman that is definitely present in a marriage and creating a strain on it, even if it goes unmentioned or unnoticed.