It’s a new year, gentlemen. So what does that mean for us? Maybe you are on this site because you feel that itch. Something telling you that you can be better. Something deep inside of you wanting to be better. I found this website about a year ago in the same position. I didn’t like […]

I subscribe to a lot of different email lists that I find can be a positive influence in my life. Most of them are faith-based and some are health-based. One of the lists I subscribe to is by a health and fitness guy who is also a Christian, Shaun Hadsall. I read one this morning […]

I wrote last week about my spiritual “rut” I was finding myself in. I committed to re-commit but was still feeling that emptiness inside of me. I went to confession on Saturday and the attending priest brought up a great point. In those times of emptiness and unfulfilled feelings, you have to realize that you […]

Do you ever feel like your faith life is a roller coaster? I have experienced spiritual highs and lows. So what brought me back? Today’s reading.
Jeremiah 31: “I will make a new covenant…”
Psalm 51: “Create a clean heart in me, O God”
Matthew 16: “Who do you say that I am?”

We’re coming back from a long holiday weekend. That usually means a sluggish start to the work week. Too much food, drink, fun, etc. Long interruptions in my daily routine can often lead to a series of slip-ups that very easily turn into a landslide. I doubt I am alone on this one. So how do we stop it?

Andrew M Seddon – Doctor by day author and hierographier by night. Born in England and raised in the United States. He writes the lives of the saints as if he was a desert father himself. He is a wordsmith! He has been writing part time since 1990, recently he took some time out from […]

vilnius_desat-ftr[1]For the past year, I’ve found myself drawn to both Saint Faustina and the chaplet given to her by Jesus. Praying the chaplet has become a near daily necessity for me. (You can find it here: http://thedivinemercy.org/). This prayer and the example of this great saint have greatly impacted my role as a father.

Pope John XXIII The Good Pope Wyatt North ISBN 9781622782000 ASIN B00IAG5HQ8 This book was an awesome little read. A short quick sweet introduction to the man and his short service as pope. Pope John XXIII soon to be canonized has always appealed to me. I was not alive during Pope John XXII’s term as […]

In anticipation of Blessed John Paul II’s upcoming canonization I was revisiting my Divine Mercy Chaplet.


Mine, a beat up prayer card copy that was given to me by a buddy in college, has now been worn down through its years of use. It was handed to me outside of my school’s chapel. I looked at the image on the front and was shocked by the simplicity in the inscription:

“Jesus, I trust in You.” (Easy words. Hard to follow.)

Lent 2014 Some Thoughts We are almost half way through Lent and this year has been different for me than many before. Lent is usually a time of intense reading, or to be specific intense spiritual reading for me. This year I did not build a list of books I wanted to read or reread. […]