Pope John XXIII The Good Pope Wyatt North ISBN 9781622782000 ASIN B00IAG5HQ8 This book was an awesome little read. A short quick sweet introduction to the man and his short service as pope. Pope John XXIII soon to be canonized has always appealed to me. I was not alive during Pope John XXII’s term as […]

In anticipation of Blessed John Paul II’s upcoming canonization I was revisiting my Divine Mercy Chaplet.


Mine, a beat up prayer card copy that was given to me by a buddy in college, has now been worn down through its years of use. It was handed to me outside of my school’s chapel. I looked at the image on the front and was shocked by the simplicity in the inscription:

“Jesus, I trust in You.” (Easy words. Hard to follow.)

Lent 2014 Some Thoughts We are almost half way through Lent and this year has been different for me than many before. Lent is usually a time of intense reading, or to be specific intense spiritual reading for me. This year I did not build a list of books I wanted to read or reread. […]

Children and Prayer

January 28th, 2014

Each night for over a year now I have prayed with and over my children before bed. It started after reading Mark Batterson’s Praying Circles Around Your Children. After the first week or so my oldest asked me why I was praying over them each night. So I told her I read a book and felt it was important […]

Goals for 2014

January 2nd, 2014

Goals for 2014 I have not been a big new year’s resolutions person. Maybe because I spent so many years in University that for me the year still begins in September with the beginning of the academic year. But Some great posts got me things, first Sarah Reinhard from Snoring Scholar had a great piece […]

A Chance Encounter, Prayer and Life A few days ago I was donating blood at Canadian Blood Services I had an interesting conversation with three young people after donating. And by young people I mean early to mid 20′s. During the conversation I found out historically they are from Wolfe Island, which is near Kingston. One young man […]

You are a Catholic hiking in a remote section of the Himalayan region when you unexpectedly startle a local Yak herd. In the ensuing stampede you are gored by a Yak bull and seriously injured.

You are afraid you may die and the herdsman carries you down the hill to the nearest Orthodox church. The priest rushes to your side and offers to hear your confession.

As a Catholic, can this Orthodox priest shrive you?

Rapunzel Let Down A Fairy Tale Retold Regina Doman Chesterton Press ISBN 9780982767771 I have enjoyed all the books by Regina Doman that I have read. But this one is to date the best! The story was so powerful I read it twice. It is raw, powerful and riveting! As a reader we can see […]

microphone-iStock_000016166136XSmallFather’s Day, June 16) is nearly here and Catholic Dads Online will be on the air this Father’s day. If you are in Deleware, Maryland, or on the internet, you can hear Catholic Dads Online founder, Rob Kaiser, in a Father’s Day interview with Bob Krebs on Catholic Forum.

A 40 Day Spiritual Workout For CatholicsBob Rice Servant Publications ISBN 9781616365264 This book was a spiritual treasure trove. I loved it! Each day I looked forward to the straightforward devotional and teaching. I especially loved reading the digital edition and always having it on me, on my phone, my iPad, my computer at work […]

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