A Letter To My Sons

November 25th, 2013

Rural Route DeliveryTo My Dear Sons,

I have so many things to say and tell you about that I don’t even know exactly where to begin.

I believe it’s best if I start by saying that I love you dearly.

I will never forget the days you two were born, especially the moment I saw each one of you coming out to light. At each time I’ve felt as if something in me has changed and that I’ve become a better person because of you. I actually felt as if I’m getting closer to heaven, maybe because that’s where you came from. When you came to life, you brought with you the scent of heaven.

126822-004-B7C5CC2CIt’s hard to believe that the Summer is drawing to a close, but here we are.  We’ve had our family vacations, the kids are anxiously awaiting their return to school, and most parents are ready to see their kids back in the throngs of academia. Despite the numerous times I have prepared my children to return to school at the end of each summer, I can’t help but wonder if there is anything significant and meaningful that I need to do for my children before they return. While thinking about this I came upon this powerful poem about being a saint inspired by Blessed Pope John Paul II.

512px-Sebastiano_Ricci_-_Prayer_in_the_Garden_-_WGA19438 Prayer may not seem manly to us today.  But is  because we lost the example.  Somewhere in the past generation(s) fathers stopped leading their families in prayer.

As a Catholic Dad, how are you modeling and teaching prayer to your children?

B & W Toolbox - free clipartWe know that when we face an obstacle, problem, or task, there is usually a tool to help us solve or complete the task quickly and efficiently. Choosing the right tool for the most important challenges is rarely easy or straightforward. This is especially true when facing spiritual challenges. Just like other tasks or obstacles, there are tools available, but sometimes they aren’t so obvious.

gn22_10-god-tests-abraham-thebricktestament-com-300x225We may not be perfect fathers, but neither were a few guys in the Bible. Most of the dads in the Bible would have their children taken from them by the state in roughly 2.65 milliseconds if they tried to pull some of their shenanigans in today’s society. Perhaps there is something we need to learn from that in understanding our own shortcomings.

stack460Kids across the country are out of school, and now we’re at the beginning of hot days, summer vacations, and of course, the proverbial summer reading lists. Here is a list of Catholic books it would be worthwhile looking into for youths and young adults in your life.

Pompeo_Batoni_003Recently I read one of my favorite parables from the Catholic Bible, the parable of the Prodigal Son (or the Parable of the Lost Son, depending on who you ask) found in the Gospel of Luke 15:11-32.  Many times when I read this famous parable I ask myself, “Who am I in this parable?  The repentant younger son, or the resentful older son?”

KidsUnsafeAreaI was recently contacted about what advice I would give to a group of college aged Catholic men on being good fathers. I was able to come up with five pieces of advice that I would want young Catholic dads or men who may become Catholic dads to have.

LentEaster everyone! We no longer have to concern ourselves with regular fasting and other preparations of our soul leading up to Easter.  Easter is here! We can just go right back to living our lives the way we did prior to Lent, right?

Let the good times roll!

Not so fast….

30 Sayings for FathersRecently I read an article entitled 30 Sayings to Live By written by Brandon Wall over at  The article included some fun quotes, and it inspired me to put together my own list targeted specifically to fatherhood.   Here is what I came up with. . .  some of my favorite quotes that I relate to my role as a father.  Enjoy!

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