Saints Alive – Saints of Empire News Stories of Old Saints Volume I Andrew M. Seddon Bezalel Books ISBN 9781936453191 ASIN B00BHLZNWG I was recently asked about writing a few words about a forthcoming book,  that book happened to be Saints Alive Volume II – Celtic Paths. After reading the first story in the new […]

A preface to this review. I know it is not by a Catholic. And I know that as Catholics we have all been taught something about fasting, even if just first Friday’s and Fridays in Lent. But this book goes deeper in just 24 pages. And I think it is worth sharing with  you my […]

Rapunzel Let Down A Fairy Tale Retold Regina Doman Chesterton Press ISBN 9780982767771 I have enjoyed all the books by Regina Doman that I have read. But this one is to date the best! The story was so powerful I read it twice. It is raw, powerful and riveting! As a reader we can see […]

Of everything that I have read and watched about Father Damien, I must state this is the best. It is an amazing biography of a man not easily understood. We can look back upon Damien’s times, and his conflicts with authorities within and outside the church and it is easy to judge or be harsh. For Damien is a saint. But as this book details, saints are not always easy people, and often their plight is a very difficult path.

Today I am reviewing, the book Rebuilding Catholic Culture: How the Catechism Can Shape our Common Life. This book is published by Sophia Institute Press, which is the publishing arm of Thomas More College and Holy Spirit College. “Rebuilding Catholic Culture” is like all their books I’ve read so far. They are dense and require you to focus and read slowly, which isn’t a bad thing.

Catholic AppsI’ve come to realize that Apps are here to stay.  They aren’t just a fad, they’re here for the foreseeable future of mobile phones.  

Here are my top 5 apps for Catholics and top five apps for dads.

A 40 Day Spiritual Workout For Catholics
Bob Rice
Servant Publications
ISBN 9781616365264

(Posted with permission a sample day.)

DAY 6 

The Perfect Prayer 

Faith At Work

February 12th, 2013

FaithAtWorkSo many talk about work/life balance, but what we really mean is getting our priorities in order and living an integrated (as opposed to compartmentalized) life. Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck by Kevin Lowry hits the integrated nail on the head with impact. Three things made this book powerful: the humility of the author, the insights of how to be faithful at work, and the number of relevant examples and stories that made the ideas come alive.

walking-toward-eternity-daringAre you interested in learning how to “do” Lectio Devina, then Walking Toward Eternity may be worth reading.

Along the Way

January 6th, 2013

Randy Hain, co-founder of The Integrated Catholic Life, has come out with his second book, Along the Way – Lessons for an Authentic Journey of Faith. I recommend it for all who are trying to live as authentic Christians, but particularly for Catholic dads. More on the Catholic dad double-down below.

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