Comment Policy

This is a site created and maintained by and for Catholic dads. It is a virtual spot where men who have two important characteristics in common can come together for mutual support – spiritual, intellectual, and emotional (and maybe for a little fun too).    Disagreement is fine and even expected at times,  but we all need to act with charity and  prudence as well as courage and justice.  In the end,  follow the golden rule.

  1. Comments are welcome when offered in a spirit consistent with our vocations as Catholic dads. This includes a certain level civility, courtesy and decorum.
  2. One does not need to be Catholic or a dad to comment, but any comments should, at the very least, not be counter to our vocations as Catholic dads.
  3. Any comments that are designed to undermine Catholicism in general or Catholic fatherhood in particular (or motherhood for that matter) will be promptly deleted. Sincere questions about the Catholic faith are acceptable. Sincerity of questions is left to the sole discretion of the administrator.
  4. Comments from individuals without a blog or valid email will be provided far less leeway than members or non-members with a valid email or blog.
  5. This policy may be revised as need arises.

Should any have a question or comment about this policy, a questionable comment or a questionable post, please contact